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Re: (TFT) magic and labour

> I guess another thing about magic is that it breaks the lmitation on
> Say its autumn and 80% of the plebs are getting the harvest in and our
> heroes wanna build a small keep, well....summon some critters! (earth
> elementals or giants etc.)
> Presto! a shortage of labour is now limited by fST.........

Right! Deep things are said in the assumptions or axioms (?) that a campaign
takes on. It's only right to follow those through. If magic is readily
available then fine. So be it and all that it intails, and vice versa.

> Maybe there's a local wizard who runs a building business with summoned
> elementals nearby (he's adapted the spell to get a special digger-earth
> elemental and he ain't gonna divulge the secret to anyone....).

Course this assumes that magic is SO accepted in this world that it can be
praticed as a profession (listed on the job table). What about a magical
world in which magic is a taboo (18th century Salem PA or Harry Potter)?

> Cas

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