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(TFT) Non-planetary worlds (was P.O.E. attacks and economics)

From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>
> 	It has been years since the last 'dungeon 
> crawl', mine is a political campaign.  And in that
> dungeon crawl, the PC only got tiny amounts of 
> money.  Typically my players don't get wealthy
> until they gain a fair bit of political influence.

I love your description of your campaign. When can I join?
When are you moving yourself and all your players to 
the Twin Cities?

>	Ha!  I've felt that way about the X-Files for
> years!  I have mapped well beyond the current area
> of my campaign (the observable world is a bowl an 
> estimated 600,000 km in diameter so I have not 
> detailed it all yet.  There are a number of powerful
> story arcs that is driving the campaign forward.

Wow! 600,000 km? The only fantasy campaign that I've seen
that's bigger was my friend's Wraith World. It was a
slightly scaled-back Ring World: only 100,000 miles wide,
rather than the 1 million miles of the Ring World. And 
therefore only about 200 times bigger than yours. It was
a Chivalry and Sorcery campaign. I had one of my favorite
wizards there, Gerhard Malquad. He was travelling with 
another wizard, whose goal was to circumnavigate the ring.
In the course of a year of play time, we made it about
200,000 miles.

This brings up an interesting topic.

How many campaign worlds out there are not planets? Please 
give us a description of your non-planetary worlds.

My campaign world (Lorimyr) is a flat plane about 20000 miles
on a side. Its form is based on ancient ideas about the
Earth: flat, surrounded by the spheres of the heavens where
the planets are affixed to individual spheres, and Aristolean
laws of physics operate.

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