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Re: (TFT) magic moats

A tough nut to crack from our resident astronaut. Anybody wanna take a shot
at it?

> Thoughts on securing facilities against TFT magic...
> A Combine installation in my Old World campaign will serve as an
> example:
> Buried deep within a mountainside, the heavy stone external door and
> heavy alloy internal door are both actually golems, if not shaped like
> creatures.  Within the base, other golems stand ready to defend the
> halls, and the grid.
> The Grid is a network of hallways, to one side of the true heart of the
> installation.  Magic Mist fills these tunnels at the presence of weapons
> or magic, delaying and dividing any invaders.  The golems are immune to
> the mist.
> A Teleport Sink draws any teleport with a target near the base to a room
> on the far side of the Grid.  The Sink Room has other defenses, as well,
> but it is not a death trap, since arriving allies would also be drawn to
> it.
> Astrally-projected spies or assassins will find the golems aware of
> their presence, moving to fortify around sensitive areas, but not
> directly attacking.  Astrals will also find themselves pursued by odd
> astral-native lifeforms, somehow induced to lair nearby.  (Credit to
> James Fountas for his 'Astral Fuzzies')
> Tunnelers will find surprises, as well.  Gates stand ready to drop more
> earth, or sewage from nearby Windlane, or less pleasant stuff, beneath
> themselves, if the tunnels go beneath.  If the tunnels go above,
> complementary Gates will drop half of each invader through, then shut
> off.  If they don't, seeded high-power Explosive Gems await.
> =====

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