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Re: (TFT) eternal gates?

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>>      I know, I know.  It was the only way I could figure for a Mnoren
> still being around after 300+ years.<

My apologies for losing the origional author's name of this spell - any
help in this would be greatly appreciated - but here's another way:

PERMANENCE (IQ 18, T, Costs 8 fST/hex, ??): Some powerful wizard may come
up with a ?permanence? spell, and that?s just great for him, but he would
have to teach it to at least fifty other wizards in order to be able to
cast it on an entire castle before the precious minute was up. Even then
the spell would have to be a IQ 18+ spell, and how many IQ 18+ wizards are
there in the world?
Not to mention the fact that a wizard standing by with a permanence spell
is necessary. If that spell takes, say 6 fST plus 2 fST for every hex (or 8
fST for 1 hex, and this is a conservative estimate), it would take four
days for him to recover completely for every hex.

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