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Re: (TFT) eternal gates?

Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> the rule set to 'always on', and a single dropped coin...
> >
> > The gravitic center of the planet will move as that coin accelerates to
> > fractions of C.  Heck if you can set the rule to 'on until x speed',
> > you've got as big a bomb as you're willing to wait for.

Well, I tried to resist getting into this but I just couldn't pass this one
up - for the record, I'm on the side of 'its magic'. 

But that said, the assumption is that the coin is going *gain* speed. Why?
It should retain exactly the same speed as it did going through the gate.
The gate is just as subject to gravity as everything else. 

The gravitic center of the planet will move - and the Gate will move along
with it - just like a 1-hex Fire or Open Tunnel or any other spell. The
Gate isn't a "wormhole" or singularity but in fact a magical construct. 

A 1-hex Fire doesn't "move" because the planet is rotating...Why would the

Michael (ducking and covering)
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