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Re: (TFT) eternal gates?

Michael Taylor wrote:
> > > The gravitic center of the planet will move as that coin accelerates to
> > > fractions of C.  Heck if you can set the rule to 'on until x speed',
> > > you've got as big a bomb as you're willing to wait for.

> But that said, the assumption is that the coin is going *gain* speed. Why?
> It should retain exactly the same speed as it did going through the gate.
> The gate is just as subject to gravity as everything else.

The coin starts at zero speed, and is dropped and falls through the
bottom gate.  The bottom gate sends it to the top gate, and it falls
again...  It's accelerating because it's falling, and it keeps falling,
and accelerating, forever, because the gate in question is eternal
because (it was stated) a Gate set to 'always on' only activates _once_,
when being created, and so does not ever check again for failure.

If the coin accelerates forever, it will reach C, and have infinite
mass.  Sometime well before that, relativistic effects will destroy the
planet these gates were put on.  Or perhaps something will get in front
of that coin, and produce a bang big enough to destroy one of the gates.
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