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Re: (TFT) Thoughts on Cidri (hypersphere)

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>So only about 3.8% of all worlds have either magic or space travel and the
two appear to be mutually exclusive with magic being just about 3/4ths more
likely than space travel. What is this saying?


Here's my theory. You may enjoy it. You may not. Just a theory...

Magic is a physical force like electricity on the quantum level. It's
related to glueons and holds the universe together. It's singlularly unique
property is that it is able to react to thought patterns. Certain planets
have more or less of this property do to the nature of the star's birth.

The gods are a physical manefestation of this property. Highly concentrated
doses that can form spontaneously and thus can be created even without
other living beings. But this is a very rare occurance that was much more
possible during the formation of the universe than now (magic being
considered to be the catalyst property for the big bang). 

Wizards occur all the time, they are people born with the ability to
mentally manipulate this substance. Its just less likely in areas were
there is not enough of this quantum force to be especially powerful (as on
modern Earth).  Creatures can even be born with a special affiniity for
magic (usually only on magical planets). 

It's not strictly necessary to be a wizard to cast spells. Spells can be
taught and trained. Because of the 'observer effect' magic is generally
taught by way of teaching the 'symptoms' to cause the effect - rarely
subjecting magic to rigorous experimentation. But magic is suitable for
this because while some wizards can cast a Fireball without bat quano some
must have bat quano and some wizards cannot cast fireball at all or use
other materials. Magic is okay with this.

Being quantum in nature it reactions in unpredictable ways to being exposed
to various physical and mental substances. This is why bat quano sometimes
really does work and sometimes it doesn't. The indivdual believes and
current quantum state all combine to create very specific effects - but
still give magic a very fickle nature. 

This is also how groups and covens can affect magic differently than

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