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Re: Re: Re: (TFT) orbs

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>ENCHANT MAGICAL ARTIFACT (IQ 26, S, Costs varies, cl): Allows user to
>make Magical items more powerful than Greater Magic Item Creation.
>Standard profit for an artificer is $750 / week. Requires an improved lab 
>lab +$50,000). Rental on an improved lab costs $750 / week, supplies &
>maintenance costs $500 / week.

     That?s a smashing idea you?ve got there.  If I may be so bold as to 
muddy the waters with my own foot-prints . . .
     A regular enchantment requires a copy of the book on how to make the 
item.  One book for each item.  This is an extra expense for the Wizard. 
the case of an artifact, I would require a dedicated lab for each
item.  One $50,000 lab to make an ?orb?, one $50,000 lab to make something 
else, etcetera.  The reason being that some of the components of the lab 
itself have to be enchanted, and are dedicated to the artifact to be made. 

I would also require a fifty weeks to ?make? the lab that requires a DX 
rolls by the wizard every week or it takes longer and costs another $1,000 
per week.

     David Michael Grouchy II

Glad you like it - but I think the origional author was "cl" Cas Liber. I'm
just archiver, but I think I will add this to the spell descripton! 


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