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This week on 11th century real estate showcase we offer a list of
suitable for the aspiring prince or beginning party.


Thank you for this wonderful post! It neatly fills a big gap in some
researching I've been doing on places to adventure in! 

You mention a 'previous post' (for the Guildsman's lodge for example)  that
I haven't seemed to locate in the Mailing List search? Is there any change
you could re-post that? 

Also, I like the idea of the "Originating Skills" and I wonder if you'll
elaborate on how you would expect that to be used (yes, its kind of obvious
but I'm interested in your thoughts). Perhaps even relating this to a job

Here's hoping you'll do one for science fiction games! ;>

"Anyone wanna help tie some rules to these buildings? How many have I
Mines? Anybody?"

Yes! Here are some future additions I see potential for:

Add Map References for each location
Add Job Refernces and the Job Table
Add Minor Institutions of Cidri style notes.  Are you familiar with the
"Minor Institutions of Cidri" article?
Add Standardized Building Costs (ala Ready Ref Sheets from Judges Guild). 
Add ST notes for building materials - possibly even Seige rules (an
extension of the "Doors" fromITL 44)

Anyway, thanks again for some insightful work.

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