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Re: (TFT)

> Thank you for this wonderful post! It neatly fills a big gap in some
> researching I've been doing on places to adventure in!

Left this outta vanity.....

> You mention a 'previous post' (for the Guildsman's lodge for example)
> I haven't seemed to locate in the Mailing List search? Is there any change
> you could re-post that?

Sure! Here ya go...

{{<<Mercenary Barracks: These tend toward military type fortifications, from
'mote and bailey earth and wood in small or frontier towns to full blown
stone keeps that span city blocks.
(abilities) Provides Jobs
Practice and study.
Acts as fortification during attack. "How many sieges were broken by the
Merc guild rallying from their Barracks?"
Weapon & Armor skills are taught here.
'Trained' henchmen instead of those sots at the tavern.
Probably the best weapon smith/armorer in town.
Fields units and some are elite.

Guildsman Lodge: These are usually very large homes located near the guilds
production that have been appropriated for the guilds business.
(abilities) Provides Jobs
Practice and study.
Controls the skills of their particular trade.
These serve as a exchange location for the wares of the various trades (a
Job gets listed once a trade has built its Lodge) and keeps the price lists
for its goods and services as well as adding/removing items from the lists.
Owing to the fact that there tend to be several lodges in even the smaller
towns, influence over the Lodges often assures political success in the

Thieves Quarter: Ranges from a tavern with a bad reputation in a small town
to whole neighborhoods of large cites.
(abilities) Provides Jobs
Practice and study.
Provides a talent pool for "black op" style operations.
Often the mob can recover that which the authorities can not.
For those with connections the Black Market can be a gold mine.
Underworld skills.

Wizards Campus: Imagine the range of modern colleges, from small private
schools just starting out to venerable state sponsored universities.
(abilities) Provides Jobs
Practice and study.
Creates magic items of course.
Likely the areas best jeweler works from here.
Scribes work here and can write for the illiterate as well as doing
Of course there is the library for those who want to do their own research.
The spell lists are drawn from here.
The brothers are sometimes called to perform the states executions (Eric
Akbe's member of death to the bitten out eye socket).>>}}

> Also, I like the idea of the "Originating Skills" and I wonder if you'll
> elaborate on how you would expect that to be used (yes, its kind of
> but I'm interested in your thoughts). Perhaps even relating this to a job
> table?

You hit the nail on the head with the Job Table. In the above guild halls
you notice I used the term "Provides Jobs". What I mean specifically is that
a given area can not have a job listed on the Job Table that hasn't had the
associated structure built first. That way frontier areas that haven't been
developed are likely to only have jobs like Brigand/Highwayman listed.

Now addressing the first part, "Originating Skills" are both the skills that
are required to man the structure and also the skills that might be learned
from the location. The idea is that if the characters are off in the deep
wilderness when Bayorn Beerbreath kills the gargoyal that puts him over the
top and he wants to pick up the Courtly Graces talent, well, tough. Even D&D
required quite a little chunk of downtime to up a level. How long did it
take Gandalf after the Balrog? Same should go with skills.

> Here's hoping you'll do one for science fiction games! ;>

It scales through time as well as space. Remember the 4.1 gram coin bit I
did? 5000coin = 55lbs = 1 sack of gold so 50,000coin = 550lbs = 10 sacks,
and to move 550lbs 1 ft in one second is 1 horsepower? And what's a building
but "a place to put your stuff" as Carlin says.

> "Anyone wanna help tie some rules to these buildings? How many have I
> missed?
> Mines? Anybody?"
> Yes! Here are some future additions I see potential for:
> Add Map References for each location

Yes. One of the reasons I'm being so general is my lack of familarity with
everyones campaigns.

> Add Job Refernces and the Job Table


> Add Minor Institutions of Cidri style notes.  Are you familiar with the
> "Minor Institutions of Cidri" article?

No, but I'm looking for it now.

> Add Standardized Building Costs (ala Ready Ref Sheets from Judges Guild).

I've been useing DMGs "Hex Lab" to block out rough ideas for the buildings.
Then I get to run through them in Quake. Add the KQP patch and it makes for
some cool death matches!

> Add ST notes for building materials - possibly even Seige rules (an
> extension of the "Doors" fromITL 44)

Good thought.

> Anyway, thanks again for some insightful work.

Guess that makes me the fly..... :-} LOL

> Michael
> =====
< Jay
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