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(TFT) industrial ages and magic

Hi all,
	What I meant be this is that if you have 
,effectively, 'national economies' and high population
densities then rich PC's can get the Universal 
Solvents, Giant Elementals and other castle busting
magics that they need.  If the population is low,
and wizards / chemists / alchemists are few and 
far between, getting the 3 Reverse Missiles that 
you really want for your forlorn hope is much more

	Basically if the economy is so huge that
you can just go to a chemist's guild and say, I need
50 Universal Solvents by Friday after next, and 
the Guild says, "Yes Ma'am", and starts ordering
shipments by gates from all over the place, then 
the castle is toast.

	I have huge populations in my campaign,
and while most NPC's can't order powerful items
like that, my more powerful PC's can.  I still want
castles so I've had to come up with inexpensive
area effects to help the defenders.


> > I think your [Jay's] first answer is the best one, 
> > if you posit industrial age civilization (driven 
> > largely with magic) then perhaps the time of castles
> > is over. 
>I'm not sure I'm following this.  In the early 
>medieval period you had this notion of feudalism,
>in which, broadly speaking, the local strongman 
>would build a castle and the local population 
>would support him in exchange for occasional 
>protection from brigands and other strongmen.... 

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