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Re: (TFT) industrial ages and magic

> Basically if the economy is so huge that
> you can just go to a chemist's guild and say, I need
> 50 Universal Solvents............ then
> the castle is toast.

The flaw here is in the storyline. If you go to a rich area (e.g. Beverly
Hills, everybody has high walls/guard dogs/private security companies etc.),
that is the defences will be proportional to the toughness of the surrounds
and the wealth of what's inside. There simply wouldn't be a castle that was
able to be taken by average adventurers otherwise someone would have already
done it.

This reminds me that yesterday at work I did a home visit on a client who
was wheelchair bound and living in a poor area who bought himself a giant
fiat TV, which some junkie acquantances promptly walked in and took (wealth
+ no protection = quick loss of goods).

> I have huge populations in my campaign,
> and while most NPC's can't order powerful items
> like that, my more powerful PC's can.  I still want
> castles so I've had to come up with inexpensive
> area effects to help the defenders.

A castle may have agents who monitor the sale of universal solvents and be
forewarned. They may pay off the merchant who is procuring the solvent to
substitute for something else......(eg: summoned demon who will attack owner
of flask etc.). There may be an large inner courtyard and inner keep with a
bunch of wizards with AID and a high dex guy with WIZARD'S WRATH or an
arbalest or 3. The circumferential courtyard may have an enchantment to
activate as a STICKY FLOOR to all not wearing a castle ring provided by the
There are many simple ideas combined with design that could make any attack

Moats may have water elementals, maybe the castle walls are home to 100 or
more 2ST air elementals whose job it is to deflect missiles; any missile
automatically has a -4 adjDX penalty.

The dwarven stronghold with the door golems and teleport magnet is a great
idea. I like the idea of magical 'magnets' which distort/attract teleporting
or gating creatures.
Maybe a castle has a special magical prison which automatically attracts and
entraps all SUMMONED creatures in a 1 km radius for the wizard's

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