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(TFT) Wither castles?

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        So the questions for the list is:  Should castles
exist?  Perhaps they should be comfortable airy houses
with little defensive value?  Do you have any stories of
how a small PC strike force eliminated mighty fortresses?
Any stories of how a castle defended itself successfully
against a powerful magical attack force?


In my opinion Yes. Castles should exist in most fantasy worlds. The
limiting factor on magic items isn't economic but 

1) Genetic - only those who are born wizards can be wizards (its not
usually worth the trouble for anyone else) - this is the 1 in 300 rule. 
2). Social  - No father wants there son to grow up playing with beetle dung
when he could be learning the manly arts of war (and therefore increasing
the whole family's social status when they become a Knight) and no mother
wants their daughter to be the sacrifice to demon gods when she could be
out tending the fields (again contributing to the whole family rather than
her personal gain).

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