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Re: (TFT)

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> >>>>Sure! Here ya go...

Thank you very much! This is great stuff!

> >>>>Yes. One of the reasons I'm being so general is my lack of familarity
> >>>>everyones campaigns.

Well, I tend to collect alot of stuff, so I'm going to try to put some
generic maps to all of these places. Two terrific places for generic
fantasy maps are the Fantasy Hero rules and supplements....

> >>>>> Add Minor Institutions of Cidri style notes.  Are you familiar with
> >>>>> "Minor Institutions of Cidri" article?

Space Gamer #54. Maybe someone will get permission for it to be posted on
the TFT web-site?

No, but I'm looking for it now.

> Add Standardized Building Costs (ala Ready Ref Sheets from Judges Guild).
> >>>>>I've been useing DMGs "Hex Lab" to block out rough ideas for the
> >>>>>Then I get to run through them in Quake. Add the KQP patch and it
makes for
> >>>>>some cool death matches!

I looked all over the place for those - where are they? What version of the
DMG (Dungeon Master's Guide?) what page? 

I'll keep working on this myself along these same lines!

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