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Re: (TFT) Thoughts on Cidri (hypersphere)

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I Like it. I daresay I even enjoyed it.

So what does this mean for Psionics?

Psioncs is a 'lesser' form of magic. Psionics taps the magical energy (or
'force') needed to change, alter and control physical forces but  psioncs
is much more limited. Where magic can create and change, psionics can only
really manipulate existing forces. 

Psionics is  simpler form of magic with limited results. Essentially a
smaller spell list due to a lesser ability to maniupulate the magic energy
around you. 

Super powers work the same way. Of course, in a universe in which magic
exists certain other physical laws must be broken as well, like the speed
of light, the fact that if you can lift a building the building wont
crumble at the corner, etc.

Glad you liked it!

(I just recently tried converting the latest Star Wars RPG to TFT and
needed to deal with this pretty directly...)


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