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Re: (TFT) P.O.E. attacks and economics

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>>>>>> I have a very long running campaign (some
>>>>>> of my players have been playing for 12 real years in
>>>>>> will most have been playing the same characters for
>>>>>> 6+ years).  The players have reached the stage where
>>>>>> taking out the enemies castle or building a safe haven
>>>>>> are real concerns.

The thing about this situation is that the TFT economy wasn't really built
for characters this experienced. IMHO the PCs are the 1-in-a-million on the
planet that will come across this situation because of their expereince and
their personalities (essentially 20th century people in a medieval world!).

So to base a judgement of the economy on the expereince with a set of very
high level economy seems 'misaligned'. With truly high-level characteres
(in ANY game) breaching a castle better NOT make them break too much of a
sweat! However needing to break into a castle should be the *least* of
their problems as well!

>>>>>>Organizational is a bit more subtle. It does imply directly going
after a
>>>>>>players followers, henchmen, associates with the three Bs (Blackmail,
>>>>>>Bribery, Blackball) but a GM can also simply out organize a player. 

Excellently put! This is very hard to put into an email because of the
subtlety of this idea, but I think you've hit the nail on the head.
Fighting fire with fire only leads to nuclear weapons....

>>>>>>I think the main problem with TFT's economic system is the assumption
>>>>>>simply because something is listed then you can buy it. 

Again, very well put. I think the same can be said about the recent "Gate
spell" discussions. Just because its on the spell list doesn't mean it's
easily learnable...

>>>>>>"Hero invented a working steam engine around 200 BC. The steam engine
>>>>>>the catylist of the industral revolution. Why was there no industral
>>>>>>revolution in 200 BC?"

What does the "Hero" in this statement refer to?


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