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Re: (TFT) An Interesting Thought

> >Actually, IIRC wizards are much more rare than 1 in 100.  I thought it was
> >somewhere around 1 in 10,000.
> >
> >-Brad
>    Exactly what I was thinking.
>    David Michael Grouchy II

You can make them as rare as you want, but AW says "On Cidri, magic is 
considered an honest trade-a bit more difficult than most, but not 
especially remarkable or sinister.  Wizards are neither common nor 
especially rare.  Perhaps one person in fifty will have some small 
ability with magic.  Fewer than one in 300 will be true "wizards" 
within the meaning of this game....Of course, wizards tend to be 
more visible than some folk-and many players will want to play wizards.  
Therefore, there will be a very high proportion of wizards among the 
active personalities in your game.  But keep that 1 in 300 ratio in 
mind when you populate a town or city."

For whatever that's worth.  AFAIC, it's about 1 in 500.
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