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Re: (TFT) Gates and linear accelerators.

ROTFLMAO! So which comes first, the "kick" or the gate failure? What happens if you get "kicked" through a gate that's had it's exit gate fail?


"This sentence is false."

>One nice thing about your gates as described by you above is that
>they'll function as parachutes. Some cliff somewhere must have a gate
>at the bottom that goes back to the top, just near a turnstyle with a
>sign that says:
>You must be THIS TALL >
>To jump from the cliff >
> > This way if you have gates between two
> > worlds that are moving in opposite directions, you
> > get a bit of a 'kick' stepping between worlds but no
> > worse than that. The fact that the worlds are moving
> > towards each other at (say) 32,000 km/s does not
> > make anything that steps between them an atom
> > bomb waiting to happen.
>That kick might make trade difficult. Fragile stuff is suddenly
>accelerated as though by a pulse of gravity. Sure, you can protect the
>eggshells, but all the yolks are broken... :) Wrap those gemstones
>individually, or they'll scratch against each other. Hmmm... Explosive
>Gems could be set off using this feature.
>A hostile could use that 'kick' to trigger some other effect, too. And
>you wouldn't need to go to another world, the difference in velocity
>pole-to-equator is enough that you'd need to invoke this feature. (Old
>Traveller had a great discussion of this, in Psionics, under Teleport)
>I always figured the speed of the transportee relative to the arrival
>gate was the same as the speed they had entering the departure gate. IF
>you're running, you come out running; if you're walking, you come out
>walking. No unexpected acceleration/deceleration. Otherwise, it's
>possible to build a gate pair situated so that the 'kick' pushes you
>back through the gate, where the 'kick' pushes you back through the
>gate, where the 'kick' pushes you...
>And with gates failing instantly on a failure while destabilized...

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