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Re: (TFT) Gates and linear accelerators.

Rick said that in his world, if you pass through a failing gate, and it
rolls a failure again, it fails with you halfway through, and you're
destroyed.  I don't know that I would rule so, but I do wonder at the
value of a Gate Lock, when a crowd throwing stones could presumably
destroy any gate in an average of 500 stones, if the gate activated for
each stone.  I also kind of like that no army will march through gates
in formation.

I can see some upside to the gates that 'kick', though.  I tend to think
in terms of scenes:

"Get a good running start", said the elder wizard, lacing on his
sandals, specially dedicated to the goddess Nyke.

"Huh?", asked the apprentice.

"It's a long way to Atlantis, lad...  There's one Hades of a retrograde

It could also be pretty cool to know a certain gate went to Mars, say (a
John Carter, breathable-air sort of Mars), and to wait for the planets
to align so the 'gate-shear' was tolerable.  Or in the manner of all
high adventure, to have to try the gate when conditions _weren't_

Gate rooms might be lined with spiky walls to impale off-season
travelers, and guarded heavily when worlds align.  Trade in fragile
things might become seasonal.  Perhaps certain processes (potions?)
might _need_ a certain level of gate-shear, like butter needs to be

- Ed (The Gate-Crasher) Thorn

Jay Carlisle wrote:
> ROTFLMAO! So which comes first, the "kick" or the gate failure? What
> happens if you get "kicked" through a gate that's had it's exit gate
> fail?
> Jay

> >possible to build a gate pair situated so that the 'kick' pushes you
> >back through the gate, where the 'kick' pushes you back through the
> >gate, where the 'kick' pushes you...
> >
> >And with gates failing instantly on a failure while destabilized...
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