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(TFT) The Interesting Thought

Take something like this;

1 second = Action Time
<Mastery is achieved when there is no separation between thought and

<A samuri should always act with such decision that his blow will land even if he has been decapitated.>

(How are you attacking?)

5 seconds = Melee Round
(Who are you attacking?)

1 minuet = Segment / Detailed Movement
(Where are you attacking? / What are you looking at?)

10 minuets = Turn / Exploration Movement
(Which way are you going?)

1 hour = Detailed Travel
(What is your marching order?)

1 day = General Travel
(Where are you going?)

1 week = Extended Travel / Detailed Study
(What is your focus?)

1 month = General Study
(What is your focus doing for you?)

1 year = Extended Study / Detailed Abstract
(What are you doing for your focus? / What is happening in your world?)

1 decade = General Abstract
(What is your goal?)

1 generation = Extended Abstract

1 dynasty = Game Organizational Director time
(What is the meaning of all this?)

and add something like this;
If we could shrink the Earth's population to a village
of precisely 100 people, with all the human ratio's
remaining the same, it would look something like the

57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 from the Western Hemisphere, both North & South
8 Africans
52 would be female
48 would be male
70 would be non-white
30 would be white
70 would be non-Christian
30 would be Christian
89 would be heterosexual
11 would be homosexual
6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's
wealth and all 6 would be from the US
80 would be living in substandard housing
70 would be unable to read
50 would suffer from malnutrition
1 would be near death - 1 would be near birth
1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education
1 would own a computer

and your getting close to a system for abstractly handeling large groups of people.....
More later when I get to a better computer.

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