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(TFT) Discuss: Explosive Gems

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but the gate thing got me

None of the approaches were _Wrong_, just balanced against other
factors.  What works for Rick could work for me, and vice versa; we just
diverged someplace.

Another place I've seen lots of different opinions is Explosive Gems.

How much cost per die of damage?
What quality/cost of gems are needed?
Laboratory 'Enchantment' or field-castable Spell?
How many 'sensitivities' are there?
Any other notes?

It would be interesting to see other campaign's interpretations.  I'll
ante first.

In the local games I've been a part of, the Carnn wizard's guild and the
Old World campaigns, ST cost was 2 ST per die of damage, requiring a
stone of 10$/die value, castable in the field.  Empowered stones are
either 'aura-sensitive', and go off on touch, or 'matrix deformant', and
go off when the stone is broken, chipped, or scratched.  This is chosen
by the caster at time of creation.  'Aura-sensitive' stones may be
handled safely by their creator _only_.  While within his aura, they
will not detonate.  Carrying a large aura-sensitive fire stone is
nicknamed "The Wizard's Cremation Plan".  Reveal Magic locates Explosive
Gems, and allows an IQ roll for each stone to determine it sensitivity. 
For any Revealed aura-sensitive stones, another IQ roll at -6 will
discern an aura unique to the creator of the gem, which may be
recognisable based on the character's experience (whether they've seen
the aura before).  Aura-sensitive gems may not be used to target
aura-targeting spells or effects; attempting such will detonate the gem.

A stone may be created so as to manifest its damage in any aspect
otherwise known to the caster.  If the caster has any other fire-type
spell, the gem may be cast to manifest as flames.  Lightning spells
allow electricity, Tunnel spell allows disintegration, etc.  The default
manifestation is raw physical force without heat or other particular

Advanced students claim some benefit to power from use of certain types
of stones for certain effects; others see no benefit.
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