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Re: (TFT) Discuss: Explosive Gems

Hi All,
	I use the Gemstone creation table from Interplay
#1 (or #2?).  I say that if the gemstone is created by a
laboratory using the table, it is stable (not dangerously
fragile) but if it is created instantly by a wizard, it is.

	The spell created gems rise in cost linearly as
they increase in damage.  (So an 8 die gem costs 8 times
as much fST as a 1 die gem.)

	However the laboratory version is an 'A' type
enchantment.  Thus it costs twice as much to get a 2
die gem as a 1 die gem.  (And an 8 die gem costs 256 
times as much as a 1 die gem.)  I have some very 
wealthy players and they are still willing to pay for
expensive 8 and 7 die gems.  I think it is great 'cause 
it gets some of their money back in circulation.

	My 2 cents.



>I'm sure this has been discussed before, but the gate thing got me
>None of the approaches were _Wrong_, just balanced against other
>factors.  What works for Rick could work for me, and vice versa; we just
>diverged someplace.
>Another place I've seen lots of different opinions is Explosive Gems.
>How much cost per die of damage?
>What quality/cost of gems are needed?
>Laboratory 'Enchantment' or field-castable Spell?
>How many 'sensitivities' are there?
>Any other notes?
>It would be interesting to see other campaign's interpretations.  I'll
>ante first.
>In the local games I've been a part of, the Carnn wizard's guild and the
>Old World campaigns, ST cost was 2 ST per die of damage, requiring a
>stone of 10$/die value, castable in the field.  Empowered stones are
>either 'aura-sensitive', and go off on touch, or 'matrix deformant', and
>go off when the stone is broken, chipped, or scratched.  This is chosen
>by the caster at time of creation.  'Aura-sensitive' stones may be
>handled safely by their creator _only_.  While within his aura, they
>will not detonate.  Carrying a large aura-sensitive fire stone is
>nicknamed "The Wizard's Cremation Plan".  Reveal Magic locates Explosive
>Gems, and allows an IQ roll for each stone to determine it sensitivity. 
>For any Revealed aura-sensitive stones, another IQ roll at -6 will
>discern an aura unique to the creator of the gem, which may be
>recognisable based on the character's experience (whether they've seen
>the aura before).  Aura-sensitive gems may not be used to target
>aura-targeting spells or effects; attempting such will detonate the gem.
>A stone may be created so as to manifest its damage in any aspect
>otherwise known to the caster.  If the caster has any other fire-type
>spell, the gem may be cast to manifest as flames.  Lightning spells
>allow electricity, Tunnel spell allows disintegration, etc.  The default
>manifestation is raw physical force without heat or other particular
>Advanced students claim some benefit to power from use of certain types
>of stones for certain effects; others see no benefit.
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