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Re: (TFT) Discuss: Explosive Gems

I agree about the explosive gems. The lack of a specific rule on this has always been an oportunity for a GM to distinguish their TFT campaign from others. There have been a lot of posts on this subject some time ago. With your house rules the wizard can also make an explosive gem that is triggered if its aura is broken. This gives me a wicked visual. I have been toying with Neil Gilmore's gem generating program. It allows for the generation of a lot of gems. So when I read your rule I imagined a chest of gems with one particular gem on top. The "security gem". Any unauthorized person who gets near will set off an explosion. The other gems would be unharmed. Unfortunately I am now in the position where I am going to post what could be called the official word on explosive gems. On Ty's web page there is a link to the TFT errata. Writen by Steve Jackson. Here is what he wrote on the subject.

"LIGHTNING. P. 38 is correct.

Page 15. A paragraph is missing from the EXPLOSIVE GEM spell. I cannot say for sure what was there originally. The following rules will be playable:

   David Michael Grouchy II

"The Explosive Gem spell costs 5 ST for every die of damage the gem will do when it detonates - maximum 8 dice damage. Unlike most magic items, a gem may be made instantly if the ST is available. One must begin with a gem worth at least $50. Once a gem is rendered explosive with a given power, it cannot be enchanted again to make it stronger. If this is attempted it will explode with the combined power of both spells."
  -Steve Jackson, TFT errata
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