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Re: (TFT) TFT: a slow start (ab-1)

From: "Jay Carlisle" <confused3141@hotmail.com>

My first monster.....

Size 1 Cube Creature:
      It can lift 10 times its weight over its head.

Size 2 Cube Creature:
       Weight lifted over its head = 40 pounds
       It can now only lift 5 times its own weight over its head.

Ummmmmmmmmmm, this rots. Can we all see where this is going?

Size 10 Cube Creature:
       Weight lifted over its head = 1000 pounds

Yes, I see this. And a three hex giant 25 ST averages to about 8 ST per hex. Less than the average man. As things get bigger their relative ST decreases. Dragons average above 7 ST per hex.

   4-Hex dragon 30 ST averages 7.5 per hex
   14-Hex dragon 100 ST averages 7.14 per hex

In a vague guestamation I put the maximum size to ST with one of my early monster creations. The giant worm. At an average ST of 1 per hex it weighs in at 3,584 hexes. Truely the feat of killing one of these and getting the experience is something reserved for the Mnoren. Who else would need that much exp to get a point.

   Classical art set  the proper hight of the human form at
eight heads. Couple that with a  weight and as a GM I
can now have a much better idea of how much it would
cost to have the 5'9" 180lbs knights field plate adjusted
to fit the 5'4" 150 elf.
   8.625" head unit for the knight, 8" head unit for the elf.
Not a huge gap for chainmail. I'd guess it'd be a problem
for field plate.

So If I understand this correctly, the helmit for a man has an internal clearance of 8.625" but an elf only needs 8". This means a man's helmit would sit almost an inch lower on the elf and would be 0.625 inches too tight for the man.

   David Michael Grouchy II
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