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(TFT) The problems in scaleable combat (ab-3)

The First Fantasy Campaign which spawned Dungeons and Dragons was dirived from many sources but it's rules were based on Chainmail, a ruleset for fantasy minature battles. I suspose much could be read into how far RPGs moved away from their roots. There have been quite a few games that have tried to address rules for handeling epic or not so battles. The most detailed of these tend to use a seperate rules system for battle and roleplay, like the Warhammer games, the more abstract will assign the players a "battle" skill and have the player make X number of checks depending on the freocity of the battle, much like the job tables. Most RPGs don't offer anything in the way of war.

What I'm after is a system that isn't so far removed from TFT itself that it requires a whole difrent setup to play (table, tape measures, lots of minatures, terain.... that stuff gets expensive) and uses compleatly difrent rules (moving useing a ruler instead of hexes). I want it to have enough complexity however that the whole shebang isn't left up to a halfdozen die roles and a couple of charts. So.....

P1 Any untrained group of individuals in my world will be represented by Joe/Jane average.

P2 Any group that shares a comunication link and a leader can be called a Unit and can be represented on a character sheet.

Now in order to allow me to draw up my army on a handful of character sheets I'm going to have to amplify and or change some rules. I want to keep this to a bear minimum though. So what areas are of concern?

1; Atributes/Character Sheet - This is the most obvious. STR = # of men IQ = moral and DEX = dex.

2; Tallents/Spells - This is pretty obvious too. Spell effects en-mass need to be described. Also new talents for groups of people need to be described like teaching 27 legionaries the 'tortoise' formation or teaching 5 guys 'basketball'.

3; Followers/Organization - New Followers gets a big expansion. Henchmen become important (or even more important if your actually making your players carry their gold and equipment).

4; Learning/Study/Training - This has to be formalized as so much is centered around training for Units.

5; Scaleable Turns - Obviously 5 second turns won't work for an army.

6; Melee - You might be suprised at how few changes are needed.

I'll address each of these as all this goes on.

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