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(TFT) Meet Joe (ab-2)

Meet Joe Average

Str 10.66
(Since Frank started doing Hardgainer-style workouts over two years ago
	here's the progress he made:

			March 92	February 95
	Deadlift	100x10		307x15/335x8
	SL Deadlift	50x10		243x9
	Shoulder Press  77x8		143x6/90x20/160x1
	Pulldowns	110x8		198x8/220x3
	Leg Press	260x10		400x35
	Squat		100x10		209x15  (I only began to do this lift
						 again in the last year)

	BTW, by March 92 he had already done two years of more-conventional
	workouts, so he was no beginner and he had used up all of his
	"beginner-gains". {so we're talkin 5 years total JC})

Dex 10.66

1. Coordination

Grace and fluidity of movement. Balance.
Eye-hand coordination. Manual dexterity.
2. Speed

Rapidity of controlled movement, for example running speed and hand/arm motion. Skill with accuracy-based activities (marksmanship, swordsmanship, some sports, etc.) (tough to get a handel on. I'm going through Ocupational Thearipst stuff now.....)

IQ  10.66
The average I.Q. for people of all ages is 85-115 across the range of the most used tests but 1IQ = 10 I.Q. test points seems a bit off as 150pts is said to be genius and most tests stop at 180pts or less(D&D may top at 18 soully for this reason) but there are IQ20 spells listed.... or is that Mr. Jacksons point?.....

(assume 11 for any single attribute and 22 for any 2 attributes; Joe always adds up to 32pts)

MA  10 (Athletes can run the 100 yard dash in about 10 seconds)

Height 5' 9" (actually this is the modern average in the U.S. 200 years ago we were about 4 inches shorter. We know because that's how they built their houses, but I need a standard that I can judge on the fly.) Weight 180lbs (The average person requires about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.)

(Determining frame size for adult men:
from oso.com
To determine the body frame size, measure the wrist with a tape measure and use the following chart to determine whether the person is small, medium, or large boned.)

height over 5' 5"
small = wrist size 5.5" to 6.5"
medium = wrist size 6.5" to 7.5"
large = wrist size over 7.5"

(A simple way of estimating desirable body weight for women is to allow 100 lb for the first 5 ft of height and 5 lb per inch above that. For men, allow 106 lb for the first 5 ft and 6 lb for each additional inch. Subtract or add 10% to allow for variations in body build. Individuals more than 20% over their desirable body weights are often said to be obese.)
so allowing that 10% Joe is getting on the bubble at 180lbs

(both the talent and spell lists taken from Chris Nicole's TFT Codex 2000 http://www.loran.karoo.net/tft/ a compleate rules INDEX is there too)

Possable Talents
IQ 7
Axe / Mace;		IQ 7	2   	Except Club (no skill required)
Bow;			IQ 7	2   	Includes Sling.
Crossbow;		IQ 7	1
Knife;	      		IQ 7	1
Pole Weapons;		IQ 7	2   	Except Naginata
Shield;	     		IQ 7	1
Sword;	      		IQ 7	2   	Includes Knife.

IQ 8
Exotic Weapons;
BlowGun;		IQ 8	1
Bola;			IQ 8	1	Pre-requisite; Thrown Weapons.
Boomerang;		IQ 8	1   	Pre-requisite; Thrown Weapons.
Cestus;			IQ 8	1
Guns;			IQ 8	2   	Includes Gunpowder Weapons.
Lasso;			IQ 8	2
Naginata;		IQ 8	1   	Pre-requisite; Pole Arms.
Net & Trident;		IQ 8	1   	Pre-requisite; Pole Weapons.
Nunchuks;		IQ 8	1
Quarterstaff;		IQ 8	1
Sha-Ken;		IQ 8	1   	Pre-requisite; Thrown Weapons.
Spear-Thrower;		IQ 8	1   	Pre-requisite; Thrown Weapons or Pole Weapons.
Whip;			IQ 8	1

Thrown Weapons;		IQ 8	2
Boating;		IQ 8	1
Farming;		IQ 8	1
Horsemanship;		IQ 8	1
Literacy;		IQ 8	1
Running;		IQ 8	2
Seamanship;		IQ 8	1
Sex Appeal;		IQ 8	1
Swimming;		IQ 8	1

IQ 9
Acute Hearing;		IQ 9	3
Alertness;		IQ 9	2
Animal Handler;		IQ 9	2
Bard;			IQ 9	2
Charisma;		IQ 9	2
Climbing;		IQ 9	1
Detect Traps;		IQ 9	2
Diving;			IQ 9	1   	Pre-requisite; Swimming.
Driver;			IQ 9	1
Missile Weapons;	IQ 9	3
Priest;			IQ 9	2
Recognize Value;	IQ 9	1
Silent Movement;	IQ 9	2
Warrior;		IQ 9	2   	Pre-requisite; Strength of 14 or better.
Veteran;		IQ 9	3   	Pre-requisites; Strength of 16 or better and Warrior.

Mundane Talents; IQ 9 1 Beekeeper, Butcher; Carpenter, Draper, Fisherman,Tanner. IQ 9 2 Baker, Brewer, Cook, Gardener, Joiner, Leatherworker, Potter, Sculptor, Vintner, Wood carver.
			IQ 9	3   	Artist / Calligrapher.

IQ 10
Acrobatics;		IQ 10	3   	Pre-requisites; Dexterity of 12 or better.
Armourer;		IQ 10	2
Business Sense;		IQ 10	2
Diplomacy;		IQ 10	1
Engineer;		IQ 10	2
Fencing;		IQ 10	3   	Pre-requisites; Dexterity 14 or better and Sword.
Mimic;			IQ 10	2
Naturalist;		IQ 10	2
New Followers;		IQ 10	2   	Pre-requisites; Charisma.
Remove Traps;		IQ 10	1   	Pre-requisites; Detect Traps.
Thief;			IQ 10	2
Tracking;		IQ 10	1
Unarmed Combat I;	IQ 10	2   	Pre-requisite Dexterity of 13 or better.

IQ 11
Architect/Builder;	IQ 11	2
Courtly Graces;		IQ 11	1
Detection of Lies;	IQ 11	2
Expert Horseman;	IQ 11	2   	Pre-requisite; Horsemanship.
Goldsmith;		IQ 11	2   	Pre-requisite; Recognize Value.
Mechanician;		IQ 11	2   	Includes Remove Traps.
Monster Followers;	IQ 11	2
Physicker;		IQ 11	2
Shipbuilder;		IQ 11	2   	Pre-requisite; Seamanship.
Tactics;		IQ 11   1
Two Weapons; IQ 11 3 Pre-requisites; Dexterity of 13 or better and talents for weapons used.
Woodsman;		IQ 11 	1   	Pre-requisite; Naturalist.
Vet;			IQ 11	2   	Pre-requisite; Animal Handler.

89 total talents 142 total cost {no check}
(so Joe can become pretty acomplished all by himself but he can't become a Ships Captian (IQ12) or a General (IQ13) or a Doctor (IQ14) or a Kung-Fu fighter (IQ15-?) without some kind of training/improvement/experience. good thing Joe can build)

Possable Spells
IQ 8 Spells;		Cost    Remarks
Blur (T); [1/1] Subtracts 4 from DX of all attacks / spells against subject. Detect Magic (T); [1/-] Directed at one item / being, tells user if the item is magic or has any spells on it. Does not identify spells.
Drop Weapon (T);	[1/-]   Costs 2 if victims ST is 20 or more.
Image (C);		[1/-]   Creates a 1 hex image for 12 turns.
Light (T);		[1/-]   Makes one small item glow like a torch for one day.
Magic Fist (M);		[V/-]   Does 1D-2 for each ST point used to cast.
Slow Movement (T);	[2/1]   Halves victims MA for 4 turns.
Staff (S);		[5/-]   Creates a staff, does 1D damage if used in combat.

IQ 9 Spells		Cost	Remarks;
Aid (T); [V/-] Temporarily adds 1 to ST, DX or IQ of the subject for each point of ST
				used to cast. Lasts for 2 turns.
Avert (T); [2/1] The victim must end their movement at least 2 hexes further from the caster
				than they started, each turn the spell is on.
Clumsiness (T); [V/-] Subtracts 2 from victims DX for each ST point used to cast.
				Lasts for three turns.
Confusion (T); [V/-] Subtracts 2 from victims IQ for each ST point used to cast.
				Lasts for three turns.
Darkness (S); [V/1] Extinguishes all artificial lights within it's range. Range is 1MH for each ST point used to cast. Lasts for 3 turns, may be extended for 1ST per
				turn after the third.
Dark Vision (T); [3/-] Gives subject the ability to see normally, even in total dark.
				Lasts for 1 hour.
Detect Life (S); [2+/-] Tells the caster if there are any living beings within 2 MH. Range may be increased by 1 MH for each additional ST used to cast.
Fire (C);		[1/-]   Fills one hex with magical flame.
Reveal Magic (S); [1/1] Reveals Protective spells cast by an opponent or magic items being actively used. Pre-requisite; Detect Magic. Summon Wolf (C); [2/1] Brings a Wolf [ST 10, DX 14, IQ 6, MA 12, Bite 1D+1] to follow casters orders. Costs 2ST to cast, plus 1 each turn the wolf remains.

IQ 10 Spells		Cost	Remarks;
Dazzle (S); [3/-] Creates a blinding psychic flash within 5 MH of the caster. Detect Enemies (S); [3+/-] Picks up on beings with general or specific hostile intent. May also detect some kinds of hostile magic or traps of a magical nature. Far Vision (T); [1/-] Subject can see "like a hawk" for 5 minutes (60 turns). Lock / Knock (T); [2/-] Used to control doors or gates, may hold them closed or open them.
Shadow (C);		[1/-]   Fills one hex with totally black shadow.
Shock Shield (T); [2/1] Does 1D damage to any other creature in the subject's hex.
Speed Movement; (T)	[2/-]   Doubles MA of subject for 4 turns.
Summon Myrmidon (C) [2/1] Brings a warrior [ST 12, DX 12, IQ 8, MA 10, Broadsword 2D] to follow caster's orders. Trailtwister (S); [4/-] Trailtwister will confuse pursuing enemies that are not within sight.
				Lasts one day.
Trip (T); [2/-] Knocks victim down. Cost is 4ST if victims ST is 30 or more.
Ward (S);		[2/-]   Psychic "booby-trap", upto 3 hex's. Lasts one day.

IQ 11 Spells		Cost	Remarks;
Control Animal (T); [2/1] Puts any one animal under the caster's control, as long as the spell is maintained. Works only on real animals.
Create Wall (C);	[2/-]	Creates a solid wall in 1 hex. Lasts 12 turns
Destroy Creation (T); [1/-] Removes any one thing created by a creation spell. Exceptions;
				(1) Summoned beings.
				(2) Only 1 hex of a multi-hex fire, wall or shadow.
				(3) Has no effect on a multi-hex image or illusion of a living being.
Illusion (C);		[2/-]   Creates a 1 hex illusion. Lasts 12 turns.
Persuasiveness (T); [2/1] Lets subject speak convincingly. Lasts one minute, plus one minute for each additional 1 ST. Reveal / Conceal (T); [2/V] Multi-purpose spell used; a) to find a hidden object, b) to hide some object, c) to hide spells on an item, d) to make hidden spells easier to find. Reveal always costs 2ST. Conceal costs 2ST for the first, then double for each additional spell upto five. ie. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. Reverse Missiles (T); [2/1] Causes any missile spells, missile or thrown weapons aimed at the subject to turn against the one who fired them instead. Rope (C); [2/-] Creates a magical rope to entangle a victim, halving their MA and reducing DX. Not effective against creatures with a ST of 20 or more.
				Lasts 12 turns, or until removed.
Silent Movement (T); [1/1] Lets subject walk, run, climb, etc. totally noislessly. Sleep (T); [3/-] Puts a victim to sleep until they awake naturally or are awakened. Staff to Snake (T); [3/-] Lets caster turn his own staff into a small snake. Lasts 6 turns.
				[ST 8, DX 13, IQ 4, MA 6, Bite 1D-1. DX -2 to hit] Pre-requisite; Staff.
Summon Bear (C); [4/1] Brings a bear [ST 30, DX 11, IQ 6, MA 8, Bite 2D+2] to follow caster's orders.

40 total spells

(a whole Unit of Joe Wizards could be pretty impresive! Hideing other Units, turing arrows, allowing silent ambushes on enemies who have been put to sleep for good measure....., not too mention the visual of 1000 Wizards letting loose 1000 serpents on a enemy Unit)

Given a foundation of what Joe can do what remains is a reasonably simple way of describing what groups of Joes working together can do. That comes next in Units. Before that though am I missing something?

Jay Carlisle
"Snatch the grass from my hand Pebblehopper...."

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