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Re: Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

thorn wrote:
> stan wrote:
>> What if he thinks that it's +5 armor?
> ...if the GM's calling the damage from Illusions 
> some manifestation of belief, then belief affects the damage.
> If the target's been told he's wearing the Crimson Bands of 
> Cittorak, proof against all weapons, and he really believes 
> it (and WHO, except for Artie, really _would_?), then he might
> be invulnerable.

Who would believe it?  Idiots, manaiacs, and anyone who's
been told so while under the influence of the command 
word: Believe.  

Then there's the NPC Wizard's elite guards--they know the 
wizard has given them magic armor, but do you think he 
told them what "plus" it was?  Do you think he even could 
tell them if he wanted to?   Does the GM have to guess how
good they *think* their armor is?

Well, whatever floats yer boat.  TFT's illusion rules are 
weird enough that it's not as if my point of view doesn't 
have its own problems.  I'm done beating this particular 
dead horse.

Although I'd REALLY like to see Rick's rules for illusions
and phantasmals.  Sounds like it does away with a lot of
the problems.

Peace, man.

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