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(TFT) Re:Illusions and Phantasmals

>Although I'd REALLY like to see Rick's rules for illusions
>and phantasmals.  Sounds like it does away with a lot of
>the problems.
>Peace, man.

Hi all,
	I'll summarize my illusion rules briefly.

	(C) 1999 - 2000

	Illusions are the illusions out of basic 
Wizard.  They are a "knot of force" that can do
real damage.  They can lift up to 50 kg (per hex 
of Illusion) in a one gravity field, and are 'real'.  
Illusions can only be made of: The wizard 
himself (no magic items except the basic Staff
spell), magical obstacles, creation spells, and 
basic (non-magical weapons).

	Phantasmals are a more powerful form
of illusions.  They cost one fST more for an given
hex size and are 3 IQ higher.  (So the one hex
Phantasmal spell is IQ 14 and costs 3 fST for 1
	Phantasmals can be of ANYTHING; a pit
in the floor, a demon with strange impossible
powers, people with 55 attributes and 12 magic
items working at the same time.  They do no
real damage, any hits they do are in the mind
of the wounded.  If a Phantasmal is disbelieved
it vanishes AND ALL DAMAGE it has done is also
disbelieved.  However if you are "killed" by a
phantasmal, you go into a deep coma like 
sleep and can't be woken for at least an hour.
	If a Phantasmal is so unbelievable 
that it is impossible, the GM may give a 
free disbelief.  So if a Phantasmal Pit is cast
under your feet, you get a 3vsIQ to disbelieve
it before you start falling.  This 'free disbelief'
is a free action.  
	What will give a free disbelief will
vary from situation to situation.  If you have
been fighting an invasion of fire breathing
slugs, a phantasmal of one would be believable,
if you have never seen a fire slug before you
might not believe it and so get a free shot at
disbelieving it.  
	(I also occasionally give 2vsIQ, 4vsIQ
or even 5vsIQ as the free roll for very easy to
disbelieve or hard to disbelieve Phantasmals.)
	Any Phantasmal that is so scary that
it kills the character in one blow I give the 
victim a free disbelief.  

	These rules pretty much bring the 
Illusion spell back into line.  The basic 
Illusion must be of a small set of standard 
objects but is really there.  Phantasmals
are much more flexible but if they are too
outrageous then no one will believe them.
The ability to disbelieve their damage (so 
long as you are not already unconscious)
is a nice bonus as well.

	Rick Smith


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