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Re: (TFT) Schroedinger's Illusory Cat

Michael Taylor wrote:
> >If Magus Schroedinger has an Illusory cat in a box, the Magus knows
> it's there, and presumably provides whatever belief is needed to keep it
> around. <
> Well, I dont think this would work because since Magus Schroedinger *knows*
> its an illusion, doesn't that also mean that he CANT "believe" in it?
> So presumably you *can't*  'provide belief' to keep an illusion going -
> you can only provide fatigue (fST).
> So perhaps you either know its an illusion or you dont - you can't choose
> to ignore it....
> (just guessing...)

Aren't we all.  :)

Obviously, a mage can avoid disbelieving an Illusion he's created.

Can he create an Illusion when he's the only sentient in the room?  Or
does an Illusion require the support of someone believing in it?

If yes to the first question above, then cannot the Illusionary cat be
directed to jump into a chest that is then closed?  And within that
chest, continue to exist?  If it cannot, what quality is lacking within
the closed chest?  Witnesses?  Ambient light?

Any guesses?  Anyone?  Beuller?
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