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Re: (TFT) Schroedinger's Illusory Cat

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> >If Magus Schroedinger has an Illusory cat in a box, the Magus knows
> it's there, and presumably provides whatever belief is needed to keep it
> around. <

(of course the following is just my particular rulings)

>>>>Obviously, a mage can avoid disbelieving an Illusion he's created.

Well yes, by not casting the 'disbelief' spell! Remember that the Wizard
himself must believe the illusion (AW:6). 

>>>>Can he create an Illusion when he's the only sentient in the room?  

>>>>Or does an Illusion require the support of someone believing in it?

Nope. An illusion is "partially" supported by the believe of someone
(AW:5). The 'partially' is merley the versimiltude of the object. The
'power' that sustains it is the 2 fST.

>>>>>If yes to the first question above, then cannot the Illusionary cat be
>>>>>directed to jump into a chest that is then closed?  

Yes it can. 

>>>>>And within that chest, continue to exist?  
Yes it does.  You can keep a Illusionary cat in a locked chest...until the
wizard goes to sleep that night (AW:6). At which case the cat disappears.
But until then it acts like a real cat in a locked chest. Screaming,
suffocatig and peeing all over the place.....

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