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Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

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My take would be that if the wearer of the armor knew about the +2, it
would count.  If not, then it counts as normal armor.<

I dont think I would rule this way. If you cast an illusion of a Demon
behind someones back, that demon will be there when they turn around. They
don't have to "know" that it's there.

So the magical energy of the +2 illusionary armor *would* protect against
the psychosomatic damage. The illusion is 'entirely' created regardess of
who believes it or not. 

Illusions dont stick around because of someones' "beleif" in them - they
simply go away when the first person activately "dispells" thems wtih

PS: Is Disbelief the only TFT Cantrip?

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