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Re: (TFT) TFT: Playtested Expert/Master Talents

I like the idea of having improved weapons skills down the track (as heroes
are too weak vs wizards in my opinion)
But what the expert/master skills have done is 'genericize' weapons, which I
dislike for roleplaying. They make a group of weapons generically 'better'
e.g Axe/mace vs swords; generally swords are better as you can do fencing
and Sweeping Blow with 2H swords, BUT if you're a dwarf you do more damage
with axes, plus can throw more variety of weapons.

Also what is a Fencer if not someone with an expert or master swordsman?

I'd like to see more specialized talents, such as Sweeping Blow expert
(costs 1 IQ; needs IQ 9., less of a penalty when doing Sweeping Blows
(say -3), and sweeping blow master (costs 1 IQ, needs IQ 10, -2 penalty
i.e. less IQ points used for more specialized gain.

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