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(TFT) specialized abilities

Point taken about boring characters Dave. We had a GM who used to groan
every time a 32pt character was created 12/12/8, and would be constantly
urging people to do fun things like use odd weapons etc.
Luckily, characters generally have a few good things up their sleeve, so
there are 2 things that occur to me:

(1) Say you have a 40 pt character saving IQ points for expert or master
whatever; what will make him a more rounder character, spending 1 IQ point
on, say, sweeping blow mastery or fencing defensively, and maybe 2 points on
mechanician or monster followers, or 3 points on a weapon skill?

Which leads to a more rounded character?

(2) Say one has a character who gets Sweeping blow mastery (and hoes down 3
enemies at a time), it is up to the GM to make an occasional challenge so he
doesn't rely on his skill; e.g. meets single powrful monsters, or wizard
with FIREBALL meets a bunch of fire elementals etc.

(3) The defensive fencing idea was one to throw up to Ty who's worried about
the absolutivity of good armour at high levels (which I agree with, I think)

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