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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #169

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>  Interesting alternative.  I like the more generic talents because (a)
lumping together related advantages in one talent matches ITL, and (b)
getting too specialized like this might turn characters into over-optimized
"one trick ponies" that can get boring to play.  (I discovered this one
playing Diablo II.  I found that my barbarian character was a more
killing machine when I put /all/ of my earned skill points into
ever-increasing swordfighting skill.  This got pretty dull after 8th

Well said. 

I also think that for roleplaying purpose having a talents have a 'wider'
focus means that players tend to use their imagination to fill in the
blanks on what they can do. They tend to try more things, whereas super
specialized skills tend to make players think they can only do what the
rules allow instead of getting creative...

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