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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #169

Dave Seagraves wrote:
>    I don't like forcing characters down a path of gaining temporal over
> physical power.  Some players are just not into the temporal thing, and
> others -- such as myself -- want it all.  I don't want to take on an army --
> that's stretching suspension of disbelief -- but I /would/ like my favorite
> fighter character to be able to take on a dozen normal fighting men and look
> cool doing it.

There's also something to be said about trusting your GM.  Some GMs keep
the characters on their toes, some GMs keep the characters fearful and
the players on their toes, and some GMs hunt characters and keep the
players fearful.  It is always wise to remember that a combat monster is
more likely to survive to become an interesting character, than an
interesting character is to survive to become a combat monster.  :)

>    (I had a great time in Joe's /Tollenkar's Lair/ PBEM game.  My
> character -- a very tough 38-point Dwarven fighter -- took on four
> highwaymen single-handedly and was victorious.)

And THEN, when the two survivors, who had fled, tried to ambush my feral
huntress and her druid friend, you _threw_ an axe from the cliff above
the path, and killed one.  "Badger-man, hunts good!"

> >In my campaign, going thru a gate costs $200.
>    Interesting.  Last year I came up with a cost of $75 a head plus a tax of
> 1% of the value of everything brought through it (because gates are easy to
> control access to and are too good a revenue source for a ruler to pass up).
> However I may revise this figure to cover wizard travel costs (at the
> doubled dangerous rate, of course).
>    Keeping a wizard with Create Gate on hand in case of immanent gate
> failure may not be the least expensive option.  Depending on traffic flow,
> just having a /backup/ gate in the same building and going to the same place
> might be less expensive (which would lower the cost of gate travel).

Bear in mind that any price too high inspires rival wizards to use your
gate to create their _own_, either for personal use or to undercut your
prices.  And taxing gate traffic?  Only if your government can police
the smuggling that the covert gates (very easy, once that first gate's
in place) allow.
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