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(TFT) Creations as laborers

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From: Roland Volz <rmv1@optonline.net>
Subject: Creations as laborers

> I guess another thing about magic is that it breaks the lmitation on
> Say its autumn and 80% of the plebs are getting the harvest in and our

> heroes wanna build a small keep, well....summon some critters! (earth
> elementals or giants etc.)
> Presto! a shortage of labour is now limited by fST.........

Right! Deep things are said in the assumptions or axioms (?) that a
takes on. It's only right to follow those through. If magic is readily
available then fine. So be it and all that it intails, and vice versa.


Creations do not last very long, are are heavy on fatigue points.  I
think they would be a viable source of labor.


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