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Re: (TFT) Creations as laborers

> > Say its autumn and 80% of the plebs are getting the harvest in and our
> > heroes wanna build a small keep, well....summon some critters! (earth
> > elementals or giants etc.) Presto! labour shortage is now limited by fST....
> Hello,
> Creations do not last very long, are are heavy on fatigue points.  I
> hardly think they would be a viable source of labor.
> Morgan

True, as far as Summon Giant and the like are concerned.  Create Elemental,
however, give you the services of an elemental for (at least) a day.
Zombies, though mindless, can also perform simple, repetitive tasks for
a long, long time.  Also, if the wizard wants to take a personal hand
in things he can always Possess a Giant.  All high IQ, I know.
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