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Re: (TFT) Creations as laborers

Joe Hartley wrote:
> Right! Deep things are said in the assumptions or axioms (?) that a
> campaign
> takes on. It's only right to follow those through. If magic is readily
> available then fine. So be it and all that it intails, and vice versa.

Magic Changes Things.

Stone for castles now comes by Gate, not cart.  Laborers from
cities/prisons, ditto.  Experts move from job to job, and little
expertise gets shared with, or left behind in, the countryside...

It's possible to have all raw materials sent 'home' for processing,
making your client states more dependant on your capitol (All Gates Lead
To Rome) than ever was possible on Earth.  "Smelt it?  Nah, we just mine
it, here.  Don't much care for the smell _of_ it.  Guess they smell it
when it gets to the Capitol, 'fore they magick it into steel."
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