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Re: (TFT) specialized abilities

> The game Car Wars -- also written by Steve Jackson - has an interesting
> take on metal armor. Any damage die that rolls a 6 does its normal damage
> AND reduces the value (HS) of the armor by -1 point. This makes armor wear
> down in a lot more playable way than the "Using Up Armor" rules on AM:10.

Leaving out for the moment the ablative vs. metal armor question in Car
Wars, let's do the math...

Assuming that a shield can take 10X it's HT before dropping 1 HS:

A small shield can take 2 average broadsword blows (14 points) before
becoming useless.

A large shield can take 3 average broadsword blows before giving up 1HS,
then 2 more before becoming useless, a total of 5.

A Tower shield can take 5 blows for the 1st HT, 3 for the 2nd, and 1 for the
3rd (assuming that the damage carries over). I know that the AM rules don't
account well for tower shields, only allowing for 2 losses before it becomes
useless. In any case, under these conditions, it's 9 blows.

Double those blows for a 1 die weapon.

Am I not remembering correctly? Is that first loss on 20X?

In any case, it's not that many blows.

Now look at the d6 variant:

A shield will lose at least one point to a broadsword attack just under 1/3
of the time. Any shield.

1/6 for a one die weapon.

Yep. Simpler.

But then, what about double and triple damage? Do multiplied 6s count? I'd
say yes...

> Michael

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