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Re: (TFT) specialized abilities

Neil Gilmore wrote:  <snipped excerpts>
> Now look at the d6 variant:
> A shield will lose at least one point to a broadsword attack just under 1/3
> of the time. Any shield.
> 1/6 for a one die weapon.
> But then, what about double and triple damage? Do multiplied 6s count? I'd
> say yes...

With my player-hat on, I'd have to argue that if the blow is going to
damage the (possibly brand-new) shield this strike, then the shield
ought to stop more than just 1, or 2, or whatever hits, this strike. 
Possibly the entire 6 points that are destroying the shield's capacity
(or a part of it).

With my GM-hat on, I'd seriously consider this for armor, too.  It keeps
that damage from my players, who I didn't really want to _kill_ anyway,
just threaten.  And it burns up the armor, making them replace it.

If I did this, I'd have to limit the loss of capacity to one step per
hit.  It just doesn't make any visual sense for a two-handed sword to
render chainmail useless with one hit.  Perhaps uneccessary, what with
you being dead, but not useless.  :)
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