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Re: (TFT) ST/Weight Table (long)

David Michael Grouchy II writes:

> Strength
>      The following is TFT ST with some real world physical 
> fitness equivalents.  The numbers were averaged from “AAHPERD
> Youth Fitness Test Manual, revised 1975 edition.” test 
> results.  Specifically the college age group results were 
> used.  By doing the tests listed below one could find out 
> their own TFT ST.  All of my friends and I got an 11 ST.  
> Only one friend got a 12.

What happens if get one ST score with the Standing Jump and
a different score with the Pull-ups?  Did you take an average,
use a maximum or choose some other method?   I would think
that an average would be the way to go with this.

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