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Re: (TFT) ST/Weight Table (long)

Did you ever try to find out how MA or DX was affected by age?


Straight for the tough question. Do you mean how MA or DX are affected by youth? To tell the truth we used IQ and ST and subtracted that from 32. Unfortunately we all had very low DX. The results were unsatisfactory. I just asked everyone what they thought their DX was. I assumed we all had a 10 MA. None of us were into jogging regularly. The National American averages didn't include any coordination tests. The nice thing about using the stats from the "Presidents Physical fitness tests" is that not only did they lead to the admission of women in the military, but a huge range of considerations were examined by sharp team of doctors, scientist, test making experts, fire fighting training data, air force pilot stress tests (this is where the ladys are better than men) and on and on. The tests may seem simple on the surface but they are isometric in nature and automaticaly factor in height and weight modifications. This brings out the strength relative to the test takers own mass. Strength compared to their own body weight. I know of no such compilation of test for DX.

    David Michael Grouchy II
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