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Re: Re: (TFT) tough illusions

> Anyone who runs their game differently, is a munchkin GM.

My, how judgemental.  :)

Illusionary bears and gargoyles seem to be all the rage IMC.  
They really are pretty obvious things to make illusions of, and
since they're summonable, it's reasonable for them to appear out
of thin air.  And of course the PC's wizards all have summon
bear, just to keep things interesting.  I have distinctly 
impressed on the players that I don't want to know whether 
their bears are real or summoned; I decide for the NPC's if 
they want to disbelieve or not.  If someone got a pet bear I'd
sure as heck have NPC's wasting time trying to disbelieve it. 
Fortunately, none of them have thought of this yet.

(And Joe, thanks for fixing the filtering.)

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