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(TFT) Woohoo!!!!! MC's Stellar Conquest - finally!

Oh, frabjous day!

I arrived home this evening to find a package awaiting me.  That's
not unusual, as I'd arranged to buy a copy of Stellar Conquest a couple
of weeks ago.  Much to my consternation, though, this was a flat envelope
that couldn't possibly hold a bookcase-type gamebox.  Oh, no, what have I
done???  Have I gotten screwed out of $20, including shipping?

I open the package, and I find that it's not the '79 boxed version, but
the '74 bagged version!  It has apparently been played a total of once;
only two of the four counter sheets were punched (with the frames still
in the bag!) and only 2 scoresheets have been used - and they were also

Thus endeth my collecting of Metagaming games; I now have one of every
game that Metagaming (or Metagaming Concepts) published.  Boy, I'm glad
I didn't settle for letting the Avalon Hill edition fill the SC slot
on the shelf :)

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