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Re: (TFT) Help on Melee and Death Test counter scan.

Ken Li wrote:
> One thing, how to extract the graphics from those game box files??

I would use the CyberBoard design utility, call up the tray full of
counters, and press <Print Screen> on my keyboard, which would copy the
current screen to the clipboard.  Then I'd open Paintbrush, which comes
with Windows, and paste in the image I'd copied to the clipboard.  Then
I'd select a region, and save it to a file, and go back to CyberBoard
for more.  When I had enough, I'd print it to an adhesive sheet, stick
it on some cardboard or magnetic sheet, and cut out the counters.

(This is where somebody tells me they're stored as GIFs or something.)

You can find Cyberboard off of this link:

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