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Re: (TFT) Kili's Heroes Part 1

From: "David Michael Grouchy II" <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Kili's Heroes Part 1
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 17:35:53 -0500

From: "John Paul Bakshoian" <hailmelee@hotmail.com>
TFT as Miniatures Roleplaying.

I planned "Kili?s Hereos" as a miniatures roleplaying scenario.

I really like the movie "Kelly's Heros". It seems to come on cable every memorial day, and I always watch it again. A bit of trivia I heard. A country singer named Hank Williams Jr did the sound track and wrote the song at the end. Apparently that movie was his first big break.

"Burning Bridges" is a great song. I've heard gamers at the Con whistling it as they walked down the hall. The movie had some of the best mortor explosion sounds I've heard. Kelly's Heroes is one of my most oft watched films too. A very good blend of comedy and war.

As to the material you posted. I have been reading it. It is very long. I havn't gotten through it all yet, so there will be some actual feed back when I do. Also I think I might run it one weekend for the crew. Get a little playtest feed back. How did it play at the LA convention?

   David Michael Grouchy II

David, I would have to agree with Michael on the unbalance.

"I think the scenario is a little unbalanced though. The Allies have to
search and transport the gold while the enemies just have to kill you as
fast as they can - tactically a much easier proposition!

"The search is fun - but not while your being attacked. So if you start out
in the wrong place or make one or two bad moves, the game is essentially
over. While the enemies - just have to manage to kill you!

"I think maybe a smaller scale might work a little better. The Allies have
*so* many choices that its a little daunting.."

Though the 2 units of Kelly's Dwarves and the 2 units of Oddball's dwarves seemed about the right ratio for the movie (with the bridging unit thrown in for back-up), Michaels right in that it is not enough for a 5 hour game.

If you are going to play this as an all day game, then I would use the same set-up, but allow the allies to infiltrate. Give them more time to ambush or skullduggery. Maybe even have an scout sneak around to any building he can in sort of a "Free Movement" way, with player designating where he is and GM rolling "to be seen" by the enemy.

But in a shorter game, I would now give the Dwarves one unit that should really turn the tide: The Dark Dwarf unit. It would be sort of Oddball's Cousin's Unit. They have the power and nastiness to be heavies, but the problem is that they are "loose cannons". They can go berserk, go Gold Lust, go Lush Lust, go lust Lust, rebel or whatever. This can be tied into events or just die rolls for it occuring. This will keep the allies on thier toes. But with the power of this unit, they should be able to form an unpenatrable wall at one end of town.

David, I don't know if you will do this with miniatures or Cardboard heroes or chits. But you should disregard my particular stats and armor/weapons and conform it to your style of play. You don't need an anti-dragon gun in the town square. You probably don't even need a "Tigar" and a "Sherman" to make this scenario work. But if your not using miniatures, you could also make a monster as close to a Tiger or Sherman as possible. Look forward to see how you handle that.

Hail Melee,
John Paul

PS, I'm attending this Memorial Day LAX Game Con but not running any TFT. I think I'll run Dwarves of NavaRhun in the Labor Day Con, though.
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