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Re: (TFT) Can anyone help?


The Mnoren Librarium is closed for refurbishing, but when it gets the copy of "In the Labrynth" back from my nephew, it will be open. That should be in a few weeks.

For the cost of postage and insurance (or just postage if it goes courier) both ways, you can borrow:
ITL, AW, AM, GM Screen, Silver Dragon, Unicorn Gold, Tolenkar's Lair, etc.
Check out time is one week. How you decide to remember these items after they are returned is up to you.

The Librarium is often the last resort if you cannot buy the item.

Hail Melee,
Giovanni Paulo
Head Librarian,
Mnoren Librarium

From: David Lewis <del@cad.asn.alcatel.co.uk>
Subject: (TFT) Can anyone help?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 06:59:00 +0100

Can anyone on the list suggest where I might be able to get hold of a
copy of TFT games? I'm in the UK and I haven't seen them about for
_YEARS_. Unfortunately my own copies vanished several years (and many
house moves) ago.

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