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Re: (TFT) Curses!

srydzews@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> > So, what happenes if you throw a 6-ST Curse
> > (-3 on all rolls) on a foe, and then cast _another_ one? ... -3 on
> > all rolls, and -3 to any Remove Thrown Spells cast against the
> > first Curse?
> Ow.  That just seems too good.  And unless the cursed figure is
> the one casting the Remove Thrown Spell, it really isn't "his"
> dice roll at all, but the caster's, so why would the curse
> affect it?

That would come under the heading of 'Because the GM likes it that
way'.  It's purely a statement of what I'd rule, not what canon states. 
Canon either stacks them, adding their effects, or lines them up, the
second in reserve for the first; the rules are unclear on that.

> > Anybody care to rule in on whether Curses affect damage rolls?
> > I say yes.  I can see why someone might say no.
> I'd be the one saying no.  As long as you're talking about
> bruisers that do 3 or 4d6 of damage then fine, but this makes
> a figure doing only a die of damage virtually helpless.  Since
> the curse penalty is more-or-less scaled to a 3d6 roll I'd be
> more receptive to a damage penalty that likewise scales, say
> -1 per full die of damage for every full three points of curse.
> (So someone doing 3d6 damage would get -3, but someone doing
> 1d6+1 would only have -1).

Consider that the accuracy-based weapons are more reasonably affected by
poor aim, while the mass-based weapons are reasonably considered less
so.  The clumsy fencing foil is much less of a threat than the clumsy
two-handed sword.  It seems fitting, to me, that the cursed
dagger-weilder might not find a vital area with his thrust (but still do
a minimum of 1 point of damage, before armor), while the cursed
halberdier is still cutting a swath through the air with that blade, and
if you get in front of it...

I'd be more comfortable just having Curses not affect damage, than I
would be with scaleing the effect to different weapons.  But I'm still
_most_ comfortable with the full Curse effect applying equally to all
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