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Re: (TFT) Curses!

> So, what happenes if you throw a 6-ST Curse 
> (-3 on all rolls) on a foe, and then cast _another_ one? ... -3 on 
> all rolls, and -3 to any Remove Thrown Spells cast against the 
> first Curse?

Ow.  That just seems too good.  And unless the cursed figure is 
the one casting the Remove Thrown Spell, it really isn't "his" 
dice roll at all, but the caster's, so why would the curse 
affect it?

> Anybody care to rule in on whether Curses affect damage rolls?  
> I say yes.  I can see why someone might say no.

I'd be the one saying no.  As long as you're talking about 
bruisers that do 3 or 4d6 of damage then fine, but this makes
a figure doing only a die of damage virtually helpless.  Since
the curse penalty is more-or-less scaled to a 3d6 roll I'd be
more receptive to a damage penalty that likewise scales, say 
-1 per full die of damage for every full three points of curse.  
(So someone doing 3d6 damage would get -3, but someone doing 
1d6+1 would only have -1). 

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