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Re: (TFT) Curses!

Hi all,
    My comments are interleaved below.

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Subject: (TFT) Curses!

> Curse.  Thrown Spell, 2 ST per -1 you give the target.  Penalty applies
> to every die roll, always applied so as to clash with the target's
> intent.  (That intent presumably divined by the GM.)
> It's a good spell.  Soften up the threat of that big ugly monster...
> Much cheaper than trying to protect a party of 8, just throw a hefty
> Curse on the beastie, and save the ST you'd have used on Blurs , <insert
> hard substance here> Flesh, and the like.
> Better still, it lasts until a Remove Thrown Spell is cast over the
> target, so if you have to run away from the beastie, it's likely to
> still be in effect when you come back.
> Hopefully nobody's arguing with any of the above, but what fun is
> _that_?  :)
> So, what happenes if you throw a 6-ST Curse (-3 on all rolls) on a foe,
> and then cast _another_ one?  -6 on all rolls?  -3 on all rolls, but
> each Curse removed seperately?  Or (I like this best) -3 on all rolls,
> and -3 to any Remove Thrown Spells cast against the first Curse?
    What I do is say that the larger curse takes effect and the smaller
one is ignored. I'm uneasy about multiple curses making it harder to
remove curses because (IMHO) the Curse spell is already pretty
good. Also when it is on a PC, far from town, curses are a royal
pain in the butt.

> The rules would support either of the first two interpretations.  That
> last one just seems more correct to me.  To help avoid abuse, I'd rule
> that the largest Curse is the one that affects die rolls, the 2nd
> largest affects RTS attempts on the largest, the 3rd on the 2nd, etc.
> (And remember the Rule of Five)  I'd also allow Conceals to be cast on
> Curses...
> To keep in line with folklore, I would let a Curse be self-removing, if
> conditional terms were met.  Those conditions could be broad or narrow,
> but once stated, are beyond the control of the caster.  It's just too
> genre not to do, "True love's first kiss", and all that.

    I allow Curses to have a 'removal limitation' added to them for free
when the curse is cast. If this rule is met, the curse vanishes. If the rule
is impossible there is no reduction in cost. If the limitation is possible
very difficult to fulfil, there is a 10% reduction in cost (round reduction
DOWN). If it is fairly easy to remove the curse then the cost reduction is
25% (round reduction DOWN).
> Anybody care to rule in on whether Curses affect damage rolls?  I say
> yes.  I can see why someone might say no.

    But of course.
> Borrowing a page from the 'special effects' of The Hero System, we
> locally allowed Curses to have icky cosmetic effects, like boils,
> ulcerous sores, or kicking frog legs growing from the target's body.
> Not strictly canon, I know, but lots of fun.


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